Spicy cantaloupe salad.

If you are tired of the same old side dishes, this one will really make a splash at your next BBQ, family reunion or potluck.

Start will a couple of fresh ripe cantaloupe.  A lot of this dish is going to rely on the ripeness of your cantaloupe.  It is super important that your cantaloupe is sweet and ripe.  Don’t even attempt this dish with a green cantaloupe.

First cut off all of the rind.  I like to cut the ends off first and then carve the sides off.  Make sure you cut as close to the rind as possible, you don’t want to waste any fruit.  Now you should have a nice orange peeled cantaloupe.

Now go ahead and cut it in half and scoop out all of the seeds.  You really don’t want the seeds in your dish so make sure you get them all off of your cutting board before you dice it into nice bite sized chunks.

Next dice up bunch of fresh basil.  This dish will not work with dried basil!

Add one finely chopped red onion.


You can control the heat by the amount of jalapenos that you put in, but I think a cup of hot jalapenos diced is about right if you are using two good sized cantaloupe for this dish.

Add a bunch of fresh lime juice to make this dish pop.  I like to use about 6 fresh squeezed limes.  Stir well and chill for about an hour to let all of the flavors marinate.

This dish is sweet, savory and spicy.

Spicy cantaloupe salad

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