Spicy chicken cranberry flautas recipe.

This is one of my favorite appetizers and a great use of that left over chicken.  Perfect for football parties, game night with the kids or as the main part of a meal.

First pull all of your leftover chicken off the bones and make sure all of the tendons, cartilage and bone are removed.  You want to make sure you have nothing but chicken meat in your bowl.  For this recipe I’m using about 4 lbs of cooked chicken.


Grill two white or yellow onions and add them to the chicken.IMG_2062

Dice one whole bunch of cilantro and about a cup of jalapenos.  I like to use my food processor and turn the cilantro and jalapenos into a paste.  Now add it to your chicken mixture.

Take two cans of whole cranberry sauce, 24 oz cream cheese and about 1 1/2 pounds of shredded parmesan cheese and add it to the mixture.

Mix by hand until all of the ingredients are thoroughly combined.  You shouldn’t see any cream cheese chunks, it should all be blended into the mixture.


You are now going to need to make a paste in order to seal the tortillas after you roll them.  This is really simple.  Add a little water to some flour and stir.  It should be a little thick like pancake batter.

You will want eight inch flour tortillas for this next part.  Just spread the chicken mixture across the tortilla, nice and evenly.  Now roll it part way and apply some paste.  Finish rolling and it is ready to fry.  I like to fry them at about 350 degrees until the shell is a nice golden brown.

They don’t really need any sauce, but you might try our jalapeno honey BBQ sauce or the smoky maple sauce for dipping.


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