How to make a grilled cheese sandwich the quickest.

All kids love grilled cheese sandwiches, but you are probably pretty busy.  Have you ever noticed how long it takes to cook this sandwich?  Seems like forever.  That is if you are going to make sure the cheese is completely melted in the middle of your sandwich.  I am kind of a perfectionist in the kitchen and I like it done right so here’s a quick tip that will hopefully save you some time.

Having the right bread is a must.  The all time favorite for most kids grilled cheese sandwiches is Texas toast.  A nice sweet bread.

First I like to brush olive oil on both sides of the bread.  Butter burns easier so go with the olive oil.  That way you only have to make this once.


We are buttering both sides of the bread, because we are going to fry both sides.  After your bread sits for a minute or so (should be golden brown)  flip the bread over.  Now when you set your cheese on the bread it will be sitting on a hot surface.  Then flip the other slice over and set it on top.  The browned side should be against the cheese.  If you have done this right your cheese will be sitting in between to grilled pieces of bread.

Now go ahead and brown your grilled cheese on both sides.  Since, you started the cheese with a hot center you will save several minutes.  Now you can go back to whatever other chores you were working on.

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