Home made pork rinds recipe.

If you are tired of that same old snack this one is pretty cool.  Make some home made pork rinds or chicharonnes for the kids.  This is a perfect snack for movie time.   Your kids will really be impressed by the flavor and the crackling.  Yep they crackle for several minutes after you cook them.

Jump online and grab some cracklins (dehydrated pork skins) .


A lot goes a long ways.  For this recipe I’m only going to use a half a cup.  Now throw them into your deep fat fryer basket.


I like to hold them under the grease by using another basket as a weight.


It doesn’t take long in the grease.  Which should be about 350 degrees.  They instantly puff up like popcorn.


Once you have all the excess grease dripped off toss them in a bowl.  There are always a few that don’t turn out.  They are generally really dark and smaller compared to the rest.  Go ahead and pick those out and sprinkle our dry rub on the good ones.

Bad ones


Now you’ve got some delicious, hot, cracklin pork rinds and the flavor from that rub is to die for.  Have fun watching your movie with the kids.

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