Sloppy Joe mashed potato bowl recipe.

Are you tired of the same old sloppy Joe sandwiches?  Well this is a way to present it in a whole new way.  Nothing hits the spot quite like a warm dinner and your kids will love it.  Your combining all of their favorites into one dish.

Start by making a batch of our mashed potatoes, bacon creamed corn and smoked sloppy Joe meat.

I like to use they cool tins from the dollar store.  If you can’t eat it all or your company wants to take it home there is a paper lid that goes right on it.  You can also throw it right in your oven to reheat, instead of using that nasty microwave.

Throw a nice pile of steaming hot mashed potatoes in the bottom.


Now I like to add a nice handful of cheese so it is in between the hot layers and melts fully.  This works great for potlucks or family reunions, because the ingredients are going to melt the cheese for you.


Add a nice big spoonful of the bacon creamed corn.


Top it off with a heaping pile of sloppy Joe meat and some green onions for a little color and crunch.


What a perfect meal.  It is kind of like a casserole or Shepard’s or cottage pie.  Your kids are going to ask for this over an over again.

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