Porchetta sandwich recipe – stuffed pork loin.

Oh this is a really fun and exciting recipe.  This is going to challenge your skills and impress your friends and family if you can pull it off.  This stuffed pork loin porchetta sandwich is so delicious and has a fun unique presentation.  Top it off with our white cheese sauce and it will be just scrumptious.

First you will need to trim all the fat and silver skin off the top and sides of your pork loin.

Now we are going to butterfly this pork loin to make it flat.  Make about a 1/4 inch thick incision all the way down the length of your pork loin.  Do not cut it all the way through.  Fold  the meat over.

Okay now starting in the middle and make a similar cut going the other direction.

Now you should have a flatish piece of pork, we can start adding the stuffing.  Start by rubbing olive oil over the entire flat surface.

Rub a bunch of minced garlic over the entire surface of the pork.  Don’t be shy.

I like to grind a whole bunch of fresh parsley and whole pack of fresh rosemary leaves off the stem to make a paste.  Spread the paste over the pork.

Dice a bunch of artichoke hearts and spread it over pork.  Add crumbled feta and grilled onions.  Sprinkle coarse pepper and sea salt evenly over the entire surface of the pork.

Now carefully roll the pork as many times as possible.  Be sure to keep your toppings on the inside.

Tie with every 4-5 inches with butcher string.  Finish by shaking our dry rub on the outside surface.  I like to cut the stuffed pork loins in half.  It makes them a lot easier to handle.

Now throw them on your smoker and slow smoke for about 5 hours at 200 degrees.  Pull it off as soon as it reaches 165 to keep it moist.  If you don’t have a smoker you can use your propane grill or oven.


Now you have a beautiful slow smoked stuffed pork loin or slow smoked porchetta.  I like to slice it for sandwiches and top it off with our white parmesan cheese sauce.


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