Can spiders predict the weather?

Spider in web

For years we have owned a little restaurant at the lake.  One thing about living by the lake is the bugs.  Fortunately we have very few mosquitoes, because our lake has tons of waves which drowns those nasty little creatures before they grow up.  We have tons of gnats, ants, wasps and of course spiders.

We are super thick with spiders and every night they build webs all over the outside of the restaurant and the picnic tables.  If you came early in the morning before we were open you might think that the restaurant had been closed for years, due to the mass amount of webs spun everywhere.

Nope, just an regular day up at the lake.  A regular job for the staff was to knock the webs down every day and everyday they would build them right back.  Crazy!  You would think that they should tire and move somewhere else.

We started to notice that some mornings there were virtually no webs at all.  It turns out these were all going to be stormy days.  It was like they knew there would be possible damage to their webs from the storm so they wouldn’t bother.  On the flip side, the more webs they spun the nicer the day was going to be.

The restaurant biz lives and dies by the weather.  Nice weather days  bring lots more people to eat than bad weather days.  These spiders started helping us figure out how much food to cook.  It wasn’t uncommon to hear somebody say, there are a ton of webs looks like we are going to be busy.

Spiders might be the perfect weather men.  Who knew?

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