Bacon wrapped stuffed meatloaf sandwich recipe.

If you really want to impress your family and friends this recipe has the perfect wow factor and the taste is to die for.  We are going to make this bacon wrapped stuffed meatloaf into a sandwich, but you could just serve it sliced like a traditional meatloaf.

I am going to slow smoke this meatloaf, but you could just cook it in your oven or on your propane BBQ grill if you like.

Start by tearing off a good sized piece of tinfoil.  I use about an 18 x 18 inch square.  Next you are going to use a package of bacon and make a bacon weave on the foil.

Once you have a nice bacon weave go ahead and coat the bacon with a nice even coating of our home made dry rub.


Now top the bacon with 3 pounds of ground burger and pound it tight.  If the hamburger is too loose then it won’t make the nice beautiful slices you are looking for.  It will still taste great it just won’t have as nice of a presentation.

Once you have the burger pounded down top it with another nice even coating of the dry rub.

Now take about 8 oz. of cream cheese and mold it into a long log shape from side to side of the bacon weave.  Top with about a cup of grilled onions and a cup of slice peperoncini peppers and a bunch of grated parmesan cheese.

Now I like to careful fold the foil up and I kind of smash the ingredients together making a log shape.

You should have a pretty meat roll at this point, but in order to hold it together you are going to want to tie it up with butcher string.  This will also help it cook evenly.   Here is a pro tip before you pull the string loop it over itself several times.  Then when you pull down it will stay tight before you finish the not.  Don’t loop it quite as many times as you see in the pic.  I’m over doing it just so it shows up in the photo.

Now throw it in your smoker until done.  I like to smoke it for about 5-6 hours at about 200 degrees.  You want to get the bacon golden brown, but try to time it so the internal temp doesn’t go over 155-160.  This will make it the juiciest.


Now that you have a perfectly cooked bacon wrapped stuffed meat loaf go ahead and cut it for sandwiches.  What a beautiful ring of cheesy meat.  Top it with one of our great home made BBQ sauce recipes.

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