Indian Fry Bread Bites Recipe


At one time in my life my family and I moved to an Indian Reservation.  I was taught how to make Indian Fry Bread by a very sweet young girl from the Browning Reservation.  She explained to me that there are several varieties of fry bread depending on which native american reservation you are on.  Some have yeast where others do not.  Some are sweet and others are not.  Some are deep-fried and some are pan-fried.  There are other slight variations.  Here is the one she taught me.

  • 1 Cup vegetable or olive oil
  • 1 Cup Sugar (I use Organic raw sugar)
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 square packets of rapid rise yeast
  • 2  canning jars, 16 ounce hot water   (almost too hot to touch)
  • 7-8 cups of unbleached flour
  • 2 pinches of sea salt

NEVER USE METAL BOWL.  It will kill your yeast.

First thing you want to do is create a warm place for your bread to rise.  The easiest solution is to turn on your oven and use it as a warmer.

Now start with hot water in a large mixing bowl.  It is best to use plastic or glass, never metal.   Add yeast to your hot water and mix well with your fingers.  Next add eggs, oil, sugar and salt in that order.  Mix it all together with your hands breaking up the eggs.  Now add your flour.  ONLY mix in one cup at a time with your hands until it is not easy to mix.  You want it to have the consistency of a baby’s belly.  Now coat the top and sides with olive oil.  Don’t be shy, you want it really coated.  Now cover your dough with a lightweight rag.  Cheese cloth works the best.  Now place on the top of your warm stove to rise.  After about an hour punch it down and let rise again.

If you decide to cook it the old traditional way then you want to deep fry it.  You want your oil deep enough for it to float in.  Heat it to 375 degrees.  Grab a handful and roll it into a loose ball.  You want to make a hole in the center.  This helps it cook more evenly.  Once the center of the hole is golden brown, now flip it.  Once your fry bread is cooked lay it on a paper towel.    A secret way to keep it soft without being soggy is to place it in a paper lunch bag.  It will be just as fresh tomorrow.


Here is an example of pan-fried fry bread.  My mother always made her fry bread this way.  Take a handful of your dough and lay it out on the counter.  Always sprinkle a little flour down first to keep your dough from sticking.  Now roll it out.  You can use a rolling-pin, a mason jar.  In a heated, medium high, frying pan place a small amount of lard or coconut oil.  Now lay your fry bread down.  As it begins to bubble you will turn it when it becomes golden brown.  If your fry bread is a dark brown or black you may need to turn down the temperature on your skillet.  Once it is finished lay out on a paper towel.


With fry bread you can make a tasty taco on top.  This is known as and Indian Taco.  They are great snacks for kids.  Simply add peanut butter.  Great with eggs too.  There are a million ways to eat fry bread.

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