Home made fire starters.

These home made fire starters are simply amazing.  If you are in a wilderness survival situation you want to be able to start a fire with just one match.  These light easy and burn very hot for a long time.  It is kind of like having a huge wick off of a candle.  The best part is how cheap you can make these with just house hold garbage (egg cartons and dryer lint).  These burn strong for 10-15 minutes.  At elk hunting camp when the wood can be damp it really gives you that long intense heat you need to start a fire in those tough conditions.  They really have unlimited uses like starting your fireplace or wood burning stove.

Keep them in your cabin, emergency preparedness kit, hunting pack, fishing bag, camping pack, in your car, etc.

They also work perfect to put under your charcoal chimney.  No need to fight with newspaper.  Just light and walk away.

Just get some canning wax and melt it in an old coffee can.  This works perfect because it acts like a stove pot and if you have any wax left over you can just cool and reheat later.  For the example I am dipping pieces of old egg cartons stuffed with cotton balls into the melted canning wax.  Cool off and they are ready to use.  To make it even cheaper you can use dryer lint balls.

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