Boxing For Kids

After moving to a larger small town one of my kids decided he wanted to join the local boxing club. I went and met with the couple who ran it and I was so surprised how organized and safe it was.

My oldest son was a child who had always had the tendency to get into trouble at school. Not really big trouble but always doing something he should not be doing. He was advanced in his classes from about the second grade. He would finish his work, get bored and begin disrupting the class. His teacher and I decided to give him extra work when this would happen. It worked for a little while. Eventually the elementary school tested him and put him in a gifted program. This also helped. But unfortunately that class was only available in grade school. Once in middle school the issues started again. So, boxing it is.

Boxing helped my son run off his energy, learn self-control and gave him a physical outlet 4 days a week. Thank you boxing.

A few weeks into boxing my youngest son, my tender-hearted son, began having problems at school with getting bullied. Teachers are not able to be everywhere all the time so it continued. I put him in boxing to teach him how to defend himself. This worked so well. He never got into a fight at school. Just being in the boxing club the school bully decided that he wasn’t such an easy target now. It also gave my shy son the confidence he needed.

My oldest daughter then decided to join the boxing club now. Her father told her that it wasn’t something that girls can do. Well, that made her want it even more. We talked it out and decided she could join. A girl should be able to defend herself. As a girl she was really limited in the fights she could compete in. Little did we know she was our prize-fighter. she won several of her fights, got the “fight of the night” award at one tournament and became very athletic.

There are strict rules and guidelines that a young boxer must follow.

  1. A boxer must only be matched with an opponent that is the same age within 1 year.
  2. They must be the same weight within 10 pounds
  3. They must have the same fight experience within 3 fights as their opponent.

The boxing club met 4 evenings a week for practice. It had 4 coaches on hand. The cost for the 9 month season was only $30 per child. This cost also covered their travels in the team van to tournaments, one out-of-town meal and a full season of practice. When more money was needed for the team to travel the coaches asked that us parents helped with fund-raising. Such a simple request.

The experience helped one child burn off his bad behavior, one child stopped the school bully from bothering him and another child find that girls are very strong in body and mind.

I hope that you will give your local boxing association a real consideration.

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