Bacon wrapped boneless chicken wing recipe.

Our boneless bacon wrapped wings will wow your family and guests.  Kids love them.  These are perfect for any football party, family reunion, BBQ or game night with the kids.

These are so simple to make.  Get some chicken tenderloins or boneless skinless chicken thighs and cut them into nice little chunks.  You want them to be a little wider than your bacon strips.  Then pour our famous dry rub on them.  I put disposable gloves on and mix the chicken and rub until each piece is coated nicely.  I usually apply the dry rub several times, until I have it just right.

Now you just cut your bacon strips in half and roll each chunk in a bacon strip.  Then I chuck them on my smoker and slow smoke them for about 5-6 hours at 175-200 degrees.  I find that if you put the loose end down it will sear into place.  I usually flip them over at about hour four.  Don’t over cook them.  You want the bacon to have some nice brown color, but hopefully this happens at the same time the chicken reaches 165-170 degrees.  This is when they are the juiciest.

If you don’t have a smoker then you could use the oven or your BBQ grill.  Try dipping them in one of our great BBQ sauce recipes.

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