Teaching my little kids to sew


Sewing is not only an important skill that everyone needs at some point in their lives but it also has many other unexpected side effects.

Here are a few “side effects”

  • Teaches your children to have another self-sufficient life skill.  That is our goal after all.  We love them everyday, provide for them, while teaching them to love and how to provide for themselves.
  • Teach them to sit still and pay attention
  • Teaching hand-eye coordination

I took the time to teach not only my daughters but also my sons how to sew.  The reality of life is that whether you need to repair a sock, check the oil in your car, change a flat tire or cook yourself a healthy meal your gender has nothing to do with it.  In another blog I will share what happened when my kids wanted to join the local boxing club.  Yep, boys and girls.

Have you ever heard of promise stitching?  I took a Saturday 4 week class.  That class ended up teaching me a life long calming hobby that I passed on to one of my daughters and later she passed it on to her Autistic son.  And it was only $20.  I though that was a great bargain.

So I started out teaching them when they were about 3 or 4 years old.  In the picture you can see how few supplies I ended up needing.

  1. A heavy stock of paper.  I used an old school file folder.  It was only $0.50 new.
  2. A plastic yarn needle.  This can be purchased just about anywhere.  I purchased mine at my local Walmart.  I paid $1.29 for 2 needles.  Having 2 needles is better so you can do your project right along side of them.  Using a plastic yarn needle is much safer and larger for beginners.
  3. One pair of scissors.  Kid scissors work better for their little hands when trying to cut out a shape.
  4. A cheap dollar store hole punch.
  5. Yarn.  Any type of yarn works.  In a pinch I used embroidery thread and that works too.

Okay SUPERMOM, let’s get started.

  • It is best to draw a shape on your thick paper.  You want to do one that is simple the first time.  Stars are hard because the points tear easily.    I recommend a heart or circle.  have them draw dots around the edge.  This is where you will be using the hole punch later.
  • Now cut it  with the scissors.
  • Then thread your needle.  I found that feeding it through and tying a not at the bottom where the 2 strings  was the best for first timers.  They don’t have to try to keep their “thread” tightened.
  •  Now take the  hole punch and carefully go over each dot cutting it out with the punch.
  • With your threaded needle begin at the bottom coming up from the back feeding your needle through.  Now go up – over – under – over.  Now you are sewing like a pro.

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