Home made pork chop sandwich.

Butte, Montana wishes they could make a pork chop sandwich this great.  For those of you who don’t know Butte, Montana used to serve amazing pork chop sandwiches and takes credit for starting them.  Unfortunately, many of the main restaurants don’t make them fresh anymore.  They sell commercialized frozen patties now.  Gross.

The secret to an amazing, juicy pork chop sandwich is cooking it fresh.  We are going to make this amazing pork chop sandwich topped with mayo,  home made coleslaw and BBQ sauce.  Check out some of our BBQ sauce recipes.

If you don’t have time to make fresh slaw my second choice is to use pickles, red onion, jalapenos, mustard and mayo.  You can’t garnish it wrong the fried pork patty is the star of this dish.

  • Start with a boneless pork loin.
  • Cut into about 1/2 inch thick steaks.  One end is a little wider than the other.  I adjust my widths slightly for each end to try to make each steak weigh the same.
  • Trim fat off pork steak.
  • Pound flat with kitchen hammer.  This will help your pork chop cook evenly.  I use the side with the spikes.  Pound into shape that will best fit your bun.  I’m using a hoagie bun so I want my steaks to be long instead of round.
  • Batter in this order flour, egg, panko.  Let sit for half and hour.  This will ensure that your patties are perfectly fried.  No batter will fall off.
  • Fry until golden brown.  You might also temp it to make sure it hits 165 degrees.  If you can pull it out at 165 it will be the juiciest.
  • Toast your bun
  • Add mayo, slaw and BBQ sauce.

Boom! You just made a way better sandwich than you will get in Butte.  Enjoy!

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