Home made bacon creamed corn recipe.

Okay slap that canned creamed corn thought right out of your head.   This is a from scratch recipe and it will not even resemble it’s dirty cousin (the canned cream corn).  Slowly back away from the can opener.

This is such a popular side dish everyone will want seconds and thirds.  That is why we are making such a big batch.  20 plus portions.  This is a perfect side dish for almost any occasion.

Be a hit at your next potluck, birthday party, company party, super bowl party, BBQ or family reunion.  Bring a bunch of our home made bacon creamed corn.

In a large crock pot add the following ingredients and heat on high to 165 degrees minimum.  Then hold on warm and serve.

  • Wash 5 lbs white corn and 5 lbs of yellow corn under hot water to thaw.  White corn is super important, because it has the best texture and flavor.  The yellow corn is to add color.
  • Grill 2 large onions.
  • Dice 1 bunch of cilantro.
  • Season with sea salt and coarse black pepper to taste.  Do not use fine black pepper.  It will not be the same.
  • Dice and cook 1-2 packages of bacon.  I like to use bacon ends.  They are cheaper and have meatier chunks.  Add cooked bacon and grease.  Only half the grease if you went with two packages of bacon.
  • Add about two cups of cream.
  • Enjoy this heavenly side dish.

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