Bacon wrapped jalapeno popper recipe.

Give it a shot.  You can control the heat by scrapping the seeds and white lining out of the jalapenos.  If you want them to be mild scrape it all out or leave a little to keep some fire.  Either way this is a super amazing appetizer.  Start by cutting the end of the jalapeno then slice them in half.  Fill each half with cream cheese and then wrap them in bacon.  Regular cut bacon works the best.  The thick cut is hard to wrap.

There are several ways to cook these.  The picture shown is slow smoked.  They were smoked for about 6 hours at low heat about 200 degrees.  What is most important is that the bacon is cooked, but the jalapeno is soft.

Your next best option is to cook them on your BBQ grill.  It takes about 30-35 minutes this way.  I feel like the jalapenos never quite get soft enough, but the flavor is excellent.

Oven is an easy choice.  Cook them between 250-375 degrees.  It just depends how patient you are.  They are done when the bacon is golden brown.

The fryer is the quickest option, but I feel like the grease strips a lot of the flavor away.

We were so addicted to these that we started making them for breakfast with eggs.

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