Left over taco breakfast burritos.

Okay so you had leftovers from our never fail taco and home made pineapple salsa recipes.  No problem.  This morning we are going to make left over taco breakfast burritos.

Warm the taco meat in a pan.  Don’t worry it takes almost the exact same time as the microwave and you have to cook the eggs anyway.  Please don’t use a microwave, you just spent all that time making a nice chemical free taco mix.  Are you really now going to nuke it?  Plus, nothing tastes right out of a microwave.

  • Lightly brown a few more tortillas.
  • Cook some eggs anyway you like scrambled, over easy etc.  I like over easy, because the warm running yolk is like liquid gold in your breakfast burrito.
  • Add your leftover re-heated taco meat.
  • Top with cheese, sour cream, lettuce and the home made pineapple salsa.

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