Home made pineapple salsa recipe.

Home made pineapple salsa is a perfect after school snack.  Your kids will love the taste and it’s super nutritious as well.  This salsa is perfect for dipping, nachos, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, taco salad or pretty much any Mexican food you can think of.  This is so addictive, I think I ate a whole bowl of salsa while writing this article.

Fresh salsa is so much better than canned.  The texture is so amazing.  I’m sure you’ve had mango salsa, but pineapple salsa has a much better texture with a sweet tangy zip.

Follow the pineapple salsa recipe below.


  • Start by chopping about 10 fully ripe tomatoes.  I like to pop those little cores off the top.
  • Add one diced large white or yellow onion.
  • Dice about 1 cup of jalapenos.  (pour in about a 1/4 cup of the juice)
  • Dice 1 full bunch of fresh cilantro.
  • Squeeze 2 free limes into the salsa.
  • Dice one whole pineapple minus the core.  It seems that Dole has the most consistently ripened pineapples.  This one was Del Monte and came out surprisingly delicious.  If your pineapple sucks then your salsa is going to suck!
  • Dump in about 4 tablespoons of diced garlic.
  • I like to sprinkle some sea salt and cumin across the top.
  • Then mix and taste.  Adjust salt, cumin, lime and jalapeno juice according to taste.


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