Finding your hairstyle

Finding the hairstyle that fits your personality, face shape, age, hair texture and limited time in the morning are a few important things to look for.

Look for a website that lets you upload a picture then insert it into a variety of hairstyles. Did you see a picture of a famous person with a hairstyle that caught your attention?  Remember they have hairstylist on call.  Look for something that works with your hair texture type.  For me my hair is thin, curly and I am always limited with my time.  Flat or straight hair never feels natural to me.  I have tried so many styles but in the end I went with simple, slightly funky and takes no more than 5 minutes.

As we age our hair texture and softness changes.  It may even thin out with hair loss.  I was having some troubles with my thyroid and began shedding like a dog.  My hair also became brittle and began breaking off.   I decided that because I have curly hair the first thing I needed to do was find a stylist with naturally curly hair and around my age.  I wasn’t looking to have the newest trend but to have a hairstyle I could manage with my busy schedule.  At my appointment she went through my hair looking for the natural part, which part of my hair was more curly than other. ow much height I wanted and then we began.  I ended up with short hair, layered and textured.  The secret to a good haircut with curly hair is believe it or not, an uneven haircut. Plus I had asked for a slightly funky style where it was longer in the front and shorter on the one side of my head that curls the least.   I love it.   No more fizzy burnt ends just soft healthy hair.    No more having to wear it up all the time to keep it from shedding all day long.  And best of all, my hair looks thicker.  Here is a sample of the hairstyle I ended up with.  curly

As soon as I get out of the shower I am careful not to rub my hair.  I take a lightweight towel and squeeze the excess water out.  Then wrap my hair in my lightweight towel or a large t-shirt also works perfectly.  By the time I have my makeup on my hair is now ready to style.  I cannot seem to use curl creams or curly hair conditioners because my hair is too fine so it becomes limp.  I like to use a bed head style glue.  I rub it in sparingly then all over.  Let it dry or use my hairdryer on low warm setting with the defuser attachment until about 80% dry.  Then I use my 1/2″ curling iron to add a couple of last-minute manicured curls.

If I am unhappy with the way it turned out I use my HAIR MIST BOTTLE.  This little invention is amazing.  It is a refillable water bottle that only sprays a light mist of water.  It is easy to use.  Simply spray a little water on your hair, crunch with your hands and start over.

hair water mist spray bottle 

I have also found other great uses for it like watering delicate plants, spraying a light mist over my wrinkled shirt then throwing it back in the dryer for a minute.  You can find them at most any discount store, beauty supply shop or online.  I bought mine from Amazon for under $10.

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