An easy way to curb mosquito problems.

For like 5 years we lived in a beautiful house that had a pond and a marsh out back.  The wildlife was beautiful and abundant.  The problem was that in the summer the mosquitoes were so thick they would block out the sun, or so it felt.

I had a nice garden out back, but the mosquitoes were so severe that any skin showing was instantly bitten 20 plus times.  Imagine being out in July trying to weed the garden in a hoodie, pants and gloves. They would still swarm your face so bad it felt like it was hard to breath.

I came up with a new plan.  I would lay down weed mat and plant through holes in the mat so there wouldn’t really be any weeding.

My son’s birthday is in July, so we got him a slip and slide.  Let’s just say it didn’t go well.  Here is an old picture of her in her hoodie hiding from the mosquitoes.


We had local pest control companies come and spray several times with little to no difference.  Then I asked an old timer what to do.  He told me to go get these mosquito discs and throw them in the pond and marsh.  $10 later we had virtually no mosquitoes that season.   If you can identify the standing water they breed in these discs will clear them out.  Just toss them in before they all hatch and presto no skeeters.  We wasted four years dealing with mosquitoes.  The fifth year was great!


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