White Socks are possible


One day years ago while working in my white shirt black pants uniform an elderly woman gave me the best tip ever on getting my whites white.  She said she had noticed that my shirt while clean had an almost grey color to it.  I told her that I was it in hot water with bleach but it never seems to really come clean.

Here is her advise.  Never never use HOT water with bleach.  When the water is too hot it actually stops the bleach from working.  Here is what you do.  First, use hot water with laundry soap and powdered automatic dishwasher soap.  Yep that’s right dishwasher powdered soap.  Once it is dissolved in the hot water then add your white clothes.  I tried this the first time on white socks.  And, wow it worked.  I had to run a couple of loads in a row because they were anything but white.  Then I washed my work shirts.  I was blown away at how white my clothes could be once again.  This trick will take out color from clothes so only use it on whites.

Life lessons

  1. Only purchase the kids the exact white socks because no matter what they will ALWAYS have matching socks.
  2. NEVER underestimate the knowledge and power of and older woman.


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