Should I baby proof my house?

Baby proofing your house is definitely the newest trend in parenting.  Let me preface this by saying that I want all kids to be safe and you should do everything in your power to keep them safe.

How you keep your kids the safest is the real question.  You have to remember that ultimately you have one job as a parent.  Teach your kids to be independent of you.  Of course I’m not saying to tell your two year old that it is time to head out into the world and fend for themselves.  It is however a dangerous world out there and you need to provide them with all of the tools necessary to navigate it.

Choosing not to baby proof your house is actually an opportunity to do some great parenting.  I’ve seen so many times where a child ends up not being allowed at grandma’s house because it’s not child proofed.

This falls back onto this fundamental question are you making your kids dependent or independent?  If your kids are only safe in this perfect environment you’ve created then you are making them dependent.  I know that church, school, stores, restaurants, friends houses and practically everywhere else isn’t going to be child proofed.  Either you are going to have to convince the rest of the world kid proof everything or you are going to need to be able to train your child to live in the rest of the world.

How could your child possibly know how to behave outside of this safe zone you’ve created?  Keep in mind that you are training your child right from wrong.  Every time they touch something they aren’t supposed to you can correct that behavior.  This is how they learn.  If everything is available to them, then they don’t learn limitations.

This is also an opportunity for them to learn to respect you and to listen to direction.  This can be super important.  What if they are in danger and you yell no or stop?  What if they aren’t used to this simple corrective behavior and so they don’t respond to your direction?

I know that we want to keep our babies safe, so you should keep all super harmful things out of their reach.  Remember though that they need some things that are off limits so they can learn limitations.  Then when the day comes that they do come in contact with a dangerous item they will know not to play with.  Then they will be much safer when they can make the right choices on their own.

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