Potty Training 101

I wish potty training could just happen on its own.  Unfortunately, life just isn’t that easy.

Here are a few tricks I learned along the way.  Keep in mind that when you have a massive amount of kids your ticks change along depending on where you live and what you have available.

Potty training the boys.  Well, teaching your son to go pee is one of the easiest things in potty training.  First thing you want to do is buy him his own superhero underwear.  Big boy underwear are a great incentive.  When I lived out-of-town I taught my boys to pee on the trees, bushes, rocks or pretty much anything they could hit.  Word to the wise…….leave the dog in the house during these lessons.  When teaching your son to go pee in the toilet a must is to get a solid wood stool for him to stand on.  You want it to be somewhat heavy and slightly lower than the toilet bowl.  It is important that it doesn’t slip or move when he is standing on it.  You will want to leave it set against the toilet bowl.  At first they won’t have their pee timing down.  There isn’t much time to waste.  Another great tip is to place a few fruit loops or Cheerios in the toilet.  And I do mean only a few.  Teaching them to aim is important.  Every person’s toilet they use for the rest of their lives will appreciate you for teaching your son good aim.   Pooping is harder.  When your little boy sits on the toilet many times he will inevitably pee on his pants.  It is always easier to teach him to take off his pants when sitting.  The down side to this is when his 3rd grade teacher takes you aside to ask why your son takes so long in the bathroom? And why on earth is he naked??  fruitloops-441535


Potty training girls. Training my girls was a bit harder.  I tried the potty chair…fail. It was difficult because to use and in the way of anyone else using the toilet.  It also took too much time to place on the toilet and my daughter couldn’t hold it long enough.  This caused some unnecessary accidents.  I tried the potty chair that just sat alone on the floor….fail.  This only made my girls afraid to use the real toilet.  Unless you plan on taking it with you everywhere you go, and I mean everywhere, I would save your money and skip trying this one all together.  Reading a special book or singing a special song together while she was on the toilet worked much better.  Praise is always the best reward.  Clapping and cheering goes a long way.  I also took the time to purchase her pretty panties.  I found that she was upset that she had soiled her pretty panties.  No mess…..success!

Pooping is tricky.  Teaching your son or daughter to go poop can be sometimes scary for them. I found an amazing trick.

I bought a special book they love and only read it at potty time.  I bought the book “Love you forever” written my Robert Munsh. This worked so well that I used this same book for potty training all of my kids.  I bought a new copy for each child.  After being fully  potty trained I   wold give them the book which they cherished.  Now years later, as a grandmother, I have also made it a family tradition by giving each of my grandchildren the same potty training book.

potty book


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