I have to work late and I can’t afford daycare?


I wish I would have known the answer to this question earlier in life.  Here is the easy answer the Boys and Girls club.  I’m sure they are all slightly different, but here is my experience with the club.

Your kids can go directly there after school and they will even help them with their home work during the first hour.  After their school work is done the kids participate in all kinds of activities.

If you have a home school child this is also a great place for your child to associate with other kids and find friends.  Here is the price.  Our local club is $5 per month.  The craziest part is that they even make sure the kids are fed as well.  They are also open fairly late like 7 pm.

They even get discounts for things like summer camp.  Our boy attended a summer camp with the boys and girls club at a camp which normally costs $375.  I think the camp allowed them to go for around $25.

They also have a summer program.  $25 per month.  The hours are much more broad 7-7 pm.  This includes three meals per day depending on how long they stay.  We live near a lake, so they would take the kids swimming nearly everyday.

This is a great organization to donate to.  I know the local bakeries give their left over donuts to the boys and girls club etc.

Many parents work schedules don’t perfectly align with school schedules.  The boy and girls club is a great solution.

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