Geo caching is a great kids activity.

Every child seems to be born with the love of treasure hunting.  Geo caching is a way to incorporate technology with treasure hunting.  Simply put, people hide treasure for others to find and log the GPS coordinates.  The GPS coordinates and the app will lead you to the general area and the search begins.

When I first heard about it, I thought yeah but how many Geo caches are there by me.  My son and I downloaded a Geo caching app onto my phone and a map of our area came right up.  I was shocked to find out that we were standing within 100 ft of a Geo cache that was hidden at our local post office in a light pole.

Most of them have a little slip to sign logging that you have found this Geo cache.  Some come with treasure.  The rule is that you can take something as long as you leave something of similar value.  I like to leave wheat pennies that we find coin roll hunting.

Kids just love this.  We have found them in fake rocks.  People get really creative.  You can even start hiding your own and logging them in.  An added bonus is that most caches are within walking distance.  Your kids will get exercise without even knowing it.



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