An easy way to get your kids to behave.

Naught boy clip art
courtesy of Vladimir Zuñiga of

Do you ever have the problem where you ask your child to do something and they start arguing?  Maybe arguing is not quite the exact way to describe it, but essentially they make excuses or want to delay temporarily or indefinitely what your asking them to do in some manner.

Okay wait for it.  Make them say yes ma’am or yes sir.  Now you are probably thinking what is this little house on the prairie.  Trust me it works.  There is something about it that is hard to describe.  Here’s an example.  I ask my child to take out the trash.  He or she starts to give reasons why that’s not going to work.  Maybe it’s not their turn or they are in the middle of a video game etc.  Just cut them off and say don’t you mean yes ma’am?

Oh…oh…oh it’s magic and yes you will break out in song.  If you can simply get them to say yes ma’am then instantly the argument is over.  Just the simple act of complying with this phrase makes them instantly act and they know you mean business when you say it.

It is also perfect to save somebody else.  Try it.   Next time you see a kid mouthing off to grandma, dad or heck anybody just say to that kid in your stern voice don’t you mean yes sir or yes ma’am.

Let’s face it none of us like to discipline our kids and sometimes it can feel like that’s all you do if you let their behavior slowly get out of control.  This is an easy way to curb most of it so you can get back to just enjoying your kids instead of constantly fighting with them to get them to behave.

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