After School Tortilla

Spaghetti Burrito Idea

As a full-time working mom I always have tried to do my best and work around my kid’s schedules.  I ended up having to choose either being there in the morning and getting them ready for school or being home when they got out of school.    This is not always possible but I tried.  If you are lucky enough to have help that can change everything.

For a time my mother was able to come and get my kids ready for school before she headed to work.  This freed me up to work as a waitress in the mornings, make a ton of money and be home when the kids were out of school.  This was with the first 3 kids.  At one point with our youngest child we were able to send him to the local Boys and Girls club.  This was wonderful.  I wish this was a helpful tool in parenting for us with the older kids.    The school bus would drop the kids off at Boys and Girls Club.  The staff would feed them a snack, help them with their homework and even plan activities.  For those parents having to work later they will also feed the kids dinner.  This was only $20 a month.  It was a wonderful tool at my disposal.  The constant dilemma is “What to do when your kids are too old for daycare and too young to be alone.

Right about the time the kids are getting out of school and heading home, I would have another couple of hours still at work.  I would try to find cheap ways to feed the kids after school snacks that were not only better for them but that they didn’t have to cook.  Honestly, I wasn’t able to be home in the middle of the afternoon when they got home from school because of my work  schedule at the time.

I generally had Sunday off of work.  This made it possible for me to cook ahead.  Each week I did what we affectionately called “Big Breakfast Sunday”.  While the kids were sleeping in,  I would get up and make a big breakfast.  This generally included me cooking about 5 lbs of potatoes, 2-3 dozen scrambled eggs and the biggest package of breakfast sausage I could find.  I set that aside to cool down while I finished cooking the real breakfast.

A favorite with the kids was when I would make my “magic french toast”.  I would use a small lid and cut out the center of the french toast as it cooked on the first side then drop an egg into the center hole I had made.  As the french toast begins cooking it is also cooking your over easy eggs.  Simply flip it and like magic it cooks the other side.  Served with a shaker of powdered sugar and skip the syrup. Along with breakfast potatoes…done.  They always told their friends how their mom let them eat powdered sugar with breakfast.  But the real secret was that they just ate about half the amount of sugar that would have had with syrup.  Super cool mom trick 101.   These make excellent snacks rolled up in a tortilla.

After breakfast I would put the leftover breakfast potatoes, the link sausages and scrambled eggs in a large bowl to save for later.  For the next few days this became their after school snack.  While I was at work they would put the leftovers from breakfast in a tortilla and boom…..healthy no cooking after school snack.

Tortillas can be a busy mom’s best tool.  Think about it.  There isn’t much you can not put into a tortilla.  PB&J, lunch meat, left over breakfast, cheese, almost anything.  My oldest son loved cold left over spaghetti rolled up in a tortilla.  Kids are really only picky eaters when we allow it.

Really you can put anything in a tortilla.  Leftover casserole, fresh fruit or anything really.  Tortillas are limitless.  An effortless way to feed your kids an after school snack.  And remember, no cooking necessary.





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