Making extra money for the family.

These days it seems like money is always tight.  Whether you are a stay at home mom or a working mom you probably could use some extra cash.  One of the easiest ways to make some extra money is to set up a booth at your local craft fair, flea market, county fair, art in the park, local festivals, parades, concerts and other events.


One of the keys to a successful booth is to make sure your booth is bright and beautiful.  You have to stand out from the crowd and carry items that are festive.  That is why I love having a princess dress up booth.

Every mom loves to spend money dressing up their little princesses and at most events people are feeling very festive anyway.

Princess ribbon halos are a perfect item to sell.  Girls and women of all ages love to wear these.  Plus they attract a lot of attention blowing in the wind as they hang from the roof of your pop up tent.  Halos also have great mark-up.  They only cost $1 and easily sell for $3-$5.










Fairy ribbon wands are a perfect accessory for the halos.  Everybody loves to wave and snap the ribbons in the air.  Perfect for the toddlers who don’t like to wear stuff on their heads.

Tutus are a great addition to the booth.  These are perfect for all ages and the little girls look so cute running around doing ballet dance moves in them.  They don’t need to be super fancy.  Grab some cheap tutus for around $1.75, they easily sell for $5 each.  Most of the box stores sell them for $8-9, so you’ll be the cheapest spot to buy the ballet tutus.


Make sure you carry some butterfly wings and fairy wings.  These are perfect for all ages even dogs apparently.  LOL


Another great way to make money in your booth is to do face painting.  I mean let’s face it, most of the time there isn’t much to distract kids at farmers markets and other festivals.  Mom’s have no problem standing in line to get their kids a face painting and it’s almost all profit.  The best part is while they are standing in line those kids with be begging for some dress up items.


If you aren’t artistic then I would suggest getting some fake tattoos.  I usually just make a board that has one of every tattoo on it.  These are just the apply by water kind.  Small ones I apply for $2 and big ones I apply for $5.  I have made hundreds of dollars a day just applying fake tattoos.  Go figure.

Hopefully these ideas will help you make a few extra bucks this year!








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