Coin roll hunting

Coin roll hunting is a great activity for kids and adults and it doesn’t cost hardly anything.  All kids love treasure hunting.  In fact, it could do just the opposite.  It could make you rich!  LOL  Pennies is a great place to start.  Just head down to your local bank with $50 and ask to buy $50 worth of penny rolls.  Most banks have no problem with this.  If they do then maybe it is time to switch banks.


I guess the first thing to understand about pennies is that pre-1982 they are all made from copper.  Lots of people are hoarding the pre-1982 pennies, because the copper value is generally higher than the value of the penny.  Should copper spike in price you could be sitting on a copper mine!  Okay, so you should know that right now it is illegal to melt pennies or nickles, but who knows the ban might get lifted like it did for silver coins.

If you aren’t going to hoard copper, there is still lots of treasure to find.  Wheat pennies and Indian head pennies are what you are looking for.  There is also a steel penny which is silver in color or rusty from 1943.  These are all very cool coins and some have big values.  You might even find some cool foreign coins.  Some can be worth millions in the right condition.  Here’s a few notable pennies to get you started 1955 double die, 1944 steel or 1943 copper.


Here is the beauty of this hobby?  Are you ready for this?  If you have an account, banks will usually let you turn the pennies back in using their sorting machine for free.  You are only out the amount of pennies that you kept.  If they were valuable then, you made money!

Okay so now that we have pennies out of the way let’s talk silver.  Yep silver.  Dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins that are pre-1965 are made from silver.  That makes them worth way more than the denomination on the coin.  Some of you are probably saying wait there are other years too.  Yep, but that is something you and your kids can easily research together.  That is part of the hunt.  I’m just trying to get you started.  An easy trick is to look at the edge of the coin if you can see copper, then it isn’t made from silver.  A silver edge usually means silver coin.  Sometimes a silver edge will be a nickle coin (mostly foreign, or nickles), but that copper edge is the dead give away.

Silver edge vs copper edge coins

Don’t forget the nickles 1942-1945 many of the nickles were made from silver.  During the war they need nickle, so they substituted for silver.  The easiest way to check is if the back side has a huge S, P or D above the Monticello then it is indeed part silver.


This is a great start to coin collecting and an easy way to start without buying anything.  Just find it. It always feels better to find treasure than to buy it.  You will never look at a coin on the ground the same.  I mean, what if it’s silver are you really going to walk past it?


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